Traditionally, the debutantes have the honour of officially opening a big society ball. This used to be the way to introduce young ladies and young gentlemen to society. Following this tradition, debutante couples from Russia, Austria and other countries will open the 14th Moscow Ball in Palais Ferstel.

The ball is an excellent opportunity to spend a wonderful evening in an elegant atmosphere and get to know new people from all around the world. Many of our debutantes keep in touch, visit eachother in Russia or Austria and start attending other balls together.

Become a part of the Opening Committee and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

The registration for debutante couples is now open!

How can I participate?
Candidates, both young ladies and young men need to take part in a selection process. To be accepted for the Moscow Ball, certain conditions must be met:
  • Young ladies should be at least 16 and no older than 26, unmarried.
  • Young men should be at least 16 and no older than 27, unmarried.
  • Basic ballroom and especially Viennese waltz dancing skills are required.
  • Speak German or English on an intermediate level.
  • Candidates must be either university students or have a permanent job.
  • Candidates may be newcomers or may have previously participated in our Balls in Moscow, London, Karlovy Vary, Almaty or Shenzhen.
To begin the registration process, candidates must fill out the registration form below.
Dress code
Young ladies:
  • Pure white, floor length evening gown
  • White elbow length gloves
  • White or silver dancing shoes
  • The hair is tied up
  • Discreet make-up
  • If wanted, a tiara crowns the look.
  Young gentlemen:
  • White tie or gala uniform
  • White gloves
  • Black shoes
Registration fee
The registration fee is 140 € per debutante couple. It will be charged after the final confirmation by the Ball Committee and is non-refundable. If you cannot find a partner yourself, the organizer will provide a partner for you. The registration fee includes the entrance to the ball and a posy of flowers for the female candidates.  
All debutantes must attend two rehearsals before the ball. The first rehearsal will be held in the evening of November  29, 2019, at the dance studio "Stanek" in the first district of Vienna. The second rehearsal will take place on the day of the ball - November 30, 2019 - already in the main hall (Festsaal) of Hofburg palace. We kindly ask all debutantes to arrive punctually.
Registration form

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  • Russian Ball in London
  • Viennese Ball in Moscow
  • Moscow Ball in Vienna
  • Russian Ball in China
  • Chinese New Year Ball in Vienna
  • others

When did you participate the last time?

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  •  2019
  •  2018
  •  2017
  •  2016
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  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
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Discount on dresses & Ironing service

Our debutantes receive a special discount of 20% on dresses, gloves and tiaras at the salon Hochzeitssalon Irvalda, Vienna.

On the day of the ball, for a small fee an ironing service for your dresses will be available directly at Hofburg Palace. Please pre-book the service with us!